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Ntumayo, which literally means "send me", is a platform that allows you : To Order all products from Rwanda wherever you are in the world. To send parcels to Rwanda. To Organize your trip to the land of a thousand hills. To carry out your administrative procedures while being outside Rwanda.

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ISA natural Cream

Welcome to our online store, where we offer top quality merchandise. Our products are homemade and completely organic and cruelty free. They can be used on adult skin, young skin and on the hair

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BricoNB is the leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment in Rwanda. We provide all necessary equipment, systems and supplies. We are also the supplier of equipment and signage, including warning signs, lights, barriers, guards, protective clothing and boots.

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BRICOTECH Ltd is a privately-owned company specialized in hardware equipments and industrial supplies. Established in Kigali, Rwanda since 2001 , we offer our clients a selection of high quality products and ensure a unique customer-centred service. You will find a wide range of products for your home, building products, furniture, plumbing, heating, sanitary, consumable, tools, even gardening equipments.

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Geotechnical and structural engineering consulting

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Horlogerie Biologique

Infirmière à domicile depuis 10 ans, en prenant en charge de malades chroniques de tous types et de tous âges ainsi que des personnes en phase de soins palliatifs. Je me met au défis d'accompagner chaque personne à trouver son plein potentielle et surtout à le vivre au quotidien  tout en maintenant l’harmonie du corps de l’âme et de l’esprit.

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